Magnificent mountain views near Keswick
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Rannerdale Knotts is just 1160 feet high – but it is a place of some significant history and makes a delightful climb with a fantastic view over Crummockwater and up to Buttermere. It can be climbed from Rannerdale valley and then turning right up along the ridge. Alternatively you can start from Buttermere village and then turn left to pick up the same ridge route. The descent is best done by reversing your route. There is a path of sorts up from Hause Point near Rannerdale Farm but it is steep – choose one of the other routes!

The valley of Rannerdale was the scene of a battle between the English and the Norman invaders in the years after the Conquest.

Now Rannerdale is famous for the swathes of bluebells that grow on the open fellside in mid May. It is rare for May to pass by without a photo of the Rannerdale bluebells appearing in the Times!